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ya, you what I'm talking about. Come on now, get atcha girl here.


Hey – wanna chat now with some truly HOT singles?  They’re just a phone call away, waiting for you to get on – and get your rocks off!  You have got to give it a try, you’ll be hooked.  The action is always going 24 hours a day, non-stop.  Touch to call.... 1-509-876-5425 (LICK)

Just dial up one of the free chat line numbers, it’s that easy.  Ask your friend if they wanna chat too – you could both call up on the same call, or try calling on two different phones for a serious party time.  It will be wild to see who you connect with.  You just never know who might be on there and waiting until you call.

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The sky is the limit; people are in peak form, some real freaks with rarely any boundaries.  Crazy fun to be had.  Lots of taboo you won’t find anywhere else.